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Cowgirl Swank

magenta felt hat w/ white turquoise + yellow feather

magenta felt hat w/ white turquoise + yellow feather

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The Boho-Style Western Felt Hat w/ Hat Band Accent is absolutely everything that you need. Not only is it easy to incorporate into any and all outfits, but the genuine leather of the band immediately elevates whatever it is you’re wearing.  

The item that you receive in the mail will resemble the one in the picture but, because every piece is handmade, it will not be identical.

*One Size Hat-Fits Most
* 3 Genuine Feathers and Dyed Turquoise Slab
* Ties on with Leather Cord--Can be removed
* Boho Style Western Felt Hat
* Wide Flat Brim
* Your choice of Boho Style Leather Hatband Accent
* Leather is Sourced and Made in Texas

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